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Safeway Distribution Center, On-Site Bidding Process

Registering as a Bidder

When you arrive at an auction site, you must register as a bidder. At registration, we'll ask you to inform us as to how you plan to pay for your items. Please keep in mind that once you are a successful bidder, you are required to maintain a 25% deposit in cash, certified or bank check. Personal or company checks are only accepted with a letter from your bank guaranteeing your check. If you are bidding via the Internet or absentee bid you must register and submit your deposit within 24 hours prior to the auction.

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How To Bid

Bidding at an auction is simple. The auctioneer will announce and describe each item before he asks for bids. During the entire bidding process, the auctioneer will speak loudly and clearly. Bids may be taken from bidders on-site, via the Internet, or by absentee-bid.

On-Site - You'll make bids by using the bid card which you obtain when you register. When you want to bid on an item, you may raise your card so the auctioneer will see it. Keep in mind that if you are the successful bidder, a representative of Capital Recovery will approach you to make a deposit. You must tender the deposit in acceptable form at that time.

Internet - If you wish to participate in live interactive bidding, please visit the catalog page and click on the link. You may be asked to fax in a credit card authorization form.

Absentee - We will assign a representative of our firm to make bids for you. When you leave an absentee bid for the auction, you need to complete a form (click here for form) that lists the items you want to bid on and the maximum amount you will bid for each item. We will not bid over the authorized amount and only bid as high as the competitive bidding reaches. We will notify you of the outcome of the bids and return any deposits made within 72 hours.

Quantity - Please note that when there is a quantity for a certain lot, and you are bidding on that lot, it is quantity X price. So if there is qty of 5 for Lot 100 and it sells for $100, your bill will reflect $500.

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Proxy Bidding

Please call our office to put your proxy bidding in (800-300-6852). You will need to know the Lot# and your top bid for the item. We will also need to secure a 25% deposit from you before the auction begins.

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Inspecting the Merchandise

Before the bidding process starts you'll have an opportunity to inspect each lot. Our staff will be available if you have any questions. All items sold at an auction are sold "as is" and "with all faults" so it's your responsibility to know what you are buying. Some auctions will have digital pictures available for each lot. This is especially valuable if you want to bid on merchandise via the Internet or by proxy and cannot personally inspect the item(s) prior to sale.

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Deposits & Final Payments

You may make deposits and final payments only in cash, by cashier's check, by wire transfer, or with a personal or company check accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee (see above on right hand side). A letter of guarantee ensures us that your bank will guarantee your personal or company check up to specified amount. This is the most convenient way to make deposits and final payments.

Sales tax for the state in which the auction is held will be applied unless the items or purchaser are exempt. The burden of proof for exemptions is on the buyer. All sales taxes will be collected unless the buyer fills out the proper documentation.

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Picking Up Your Purchase

When you've finished bidding, return to the registration office to complete your final payment. You must make payment in full to receive a bill of sale. You may pick-up your items only after the auction has been completed and when accompanied by your paid bill of sale. Remember all items must be removed within announced specified time. If your items require special handling or rigging, our staff can help you make arrangements.

Should you have any more questions please call our office or consult with our staff at the sale site. We want to make your auction experience both enjoyable and financially rewarding. We appreciate your patronage and attendance and wish you good luck.

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