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Specialty Graphite/Carbon Electrode Production Facility- with 2013 ISP Graphite (Jet Milling to Graphitization) Installation

Sale Date: Wednesday & Thursday, February 14 & 15, 2018 at 10:00 AM CDT

Inspection Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CDT or earlier by appointment only


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Complete Turnkey Facility Available

Like New Isostatic Press Line Extrusion and Hydraulic Die Molding Lines Graphite Pad and Insulation Extraction Line Graphite Electrode and Refractory Brick Fab Lines

330 Plus Acres Approx. One Million Sq. Ft. under roof Prime Nashville Sub-Market


Facility Highlights

2013 Isostatic Press Line (Anisotrophic finished production)

  • Avure Technologies Quintus cold Isostatic press, type QIC 2.235 X 3.683 –1172 129 MPA, design pressure @ 50°C, includes (3) 300 HP tri-cylinder high pressure water-jet skids rated at  20,000 psi operating pressure, El Giro filter and chilled water skids, with full PLC controls
  • Hosokawa Alpine jet milling system, Model 630 AFG all stainless, includes magnetic separator, intermediate rotary grinder on feed, gravimetric feed to Super Sack bagger, digital load cells and DRO, and full PLC controls (complete 2013/14 installation)
  • (3) Powder fill and pack towers including isostatic bin container lifts, Matcon gravimetric feeds, stainless steel single deck screens, (50) Isotatic bin containers from 1500 to 3000 litre, plus large assortment of molds and rubber bladders
  • CPE Filters bag house central dust collection system, model 120-TNDF-600C 120, with pneumatic pulse cleaning, and Garden City 200 hp drive motor

Extrusion and Hydraulic Press Installations

  • Watson Stillman 1750-ton extrusion press, hot water jacketed tilting type, 57” feed, 100” ram stroke, dual hydraulic drive with PLC controls, complete with 24” to 40” dia round dies, and rectangular dies of 15” X 30”, 24” X 30”, 24” X 48”, and 30” X 36”.
  • HPM 1250-ton vertical four post down acting hydraulic press, 188” maximum daylight opening fill system with roll in transport table, 36” to 75” diameter hot/cold jacketed molds, main & auxiliary hydraulic drives, assorted bolsters, and Allen Bradley PLC controls.


Curing and Graphitization

  • 2013 Swindle & Dresser double car curing installation with 20’ X 65’ X 25’ high gas fired 3MM BTU/HR curing ovens, rail car bottoms, 75’ triple rail mounted loaders
  • (2) 2011 Inductotherm furnaces, 82” diameter X 160” deep dimple jacketed types, with shared 1,350 kVA input –1,250 kW output power supply, graphite heating coils, PLC controls
  • (6) 2012 Ajax/Tocco coil wrapped induction furnaces, 55” dia. X 120” deep with (3) 1,250 kVA input – 1,000 kW output power supplies, graphite heating coils, and PLC controls
  • 2011 Advanced Engineering closed loop water chilling system, featuring twin Delta 600 Ton cooling towers
  • Complete sand storage, transport, and reclamation system with cone bottom silo, Hapman PLC controlled paddle style transport system, Continental vertical bucket elevator, Tycan vibratory style screen, plus assorted auger screw feed conveyors

Crushing, Screening, Mixing & Blending

  • Pulverizing mills include Steadman 42012-40 HP hammer mill, and Matcon 100 HP AC mill supported by Metso 48” X 36’ vibratory conveyor, stainless auger conveyors and vertical bucket elevator, plus Matcon rotary IBC tote blenders & filler
  • Crushing equipment features Jeffrey Rockbuster 250 HP double roll crusher, Jeffrey Model 34-100 HP jaw crusher, Jeffrey 40 HP double roll grinders, plus Raymond GR513-75 HP roller mills with Whizzer mechanical air separators
  • IBC mixing and loading system featuring (4) Baker Perkins hot oil jacketed paddle mixers with newly rebuilt drives and PLC controls (complete mezzanine installation)
  • (10) Republic 48” D X 78” rotary steam jacketed mixers, Kehring 84-S cold jacketed concrete style coolers with stainless flights, 2014 Rotex Apex 4-deck rotary screener, and Hi-Vac 260 portable pneumatic loader

Graphite Insulation & Extraction Installations

  • Graphite extraction pad on raised mezzanine with (2) Vertical stainless steel 2,500 USG mixing tanks, stainless steel extractors, horizontal spray bar fillers with tanks and pumps, Travianni 40 HP vacuum pumps, and Wisconsin panel system drying oven
  • Additive & feed equipment includes: Acrison BDF–3–1–T/2 gravimetric feeder, rotary fiber fluffer with DC drive, Rietz 18” rotary chopper, Eriez pass through magnetic separator, Super Sack filler with Mettler Toledo weigh cell system and DRO

Graphite Machining & Cutting Equipment

  • Giddings & Lewis/Davis NC double end threading mill, 60” turning diameter X 145” bar length, dual hydraulic chucks, steady rests, 45’ auto index feed & discharge, upgraded CNC controls
  • Louden through feed dual head planer mill, 60” X 20’ T-slot table, 5 T bridge crane loading and handling system, pedestal controls with multiple DRO
  • Niles DP2/53 hydraulic drive gap bed turning lathe, 96” swing over gap, 18’ between centers, 50 HP spindle drive, automatic hydraulic carriage feed
  • 2010 Sawing Systems 72” diameter blade rail mounted traveling beam saw with 360° rotary table; plus double arbor cross cut saw, 76” dia. blade with track mounted servo table
  • Track mounted bridge saws, (1) 96” dia., with 2’ X 12’ through feed chain drag table, and (1) 76” dia., with 124” X 17’ through feed drag table

Material Handling & Motor Vehicles

  • Caterpillar & Hyster 20,000 & 30,000 lb capacity all terrain diesel forklifts, plus Hyster 22,500 lb diesel fork with roll clamp carriage
  • Assorted Taylor, Hyster & Clark forklifts ranging in sizes of 7000, 8000, 12,000 lb, 14,400 & 15,500 lb capacities, mostly diesel units
  • Wheel & tracked loaders include Cat 928G, 936E and 953 models, plus Bobcat skid steers, and 2012 TUG 6,000 lb. tow tractor with (8) curtain sided pull cars (like new condition)
  • (10) Man & boom lifts includes 2011 Genie GS2032 scissor lifts, Genie Z45/25 LP boom lift, and JLG 600 Diesel 60’ boom lift

Facility Support Equipment (partial listing)

  • Late model compressed air installation include 2012 IR Centac 350 HP water cooled centrifugal compressor, 2010 IR 250 HP VSD, and 2008 IR R160 Nivana compressors
  • Wide assortment of general purpose machine tools, fabricating equipment, maintenance supplies, and test and measurement instruments
  • (12+) P & H double girder bridge cranes throughout facility, from 10-ton to 40-ton capacities, most with RF remote controls
  • Large spare parts warehouse with stores inventory, safety related equipment, IT and communications systems, plus raw material inventory


Full Equipment Listing Available Soon!


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Car bottom furnaces

Avure Isostatic Press

Hokosawa Jet Mill with tower mount feed - IBC filler

2012 Inductotherm induction furnace power supply

Ajax-Tocco induction furnace power supply

Jeffery Rader M34 100 HP grinder

Thermal oxidizers (car bottom furnaces)

Giddings & Lewis - Davis double end threading mill

Louden through feed planer

Niles turning lathe

(Sample) Stainless steel auger screw conveyor

CAT 928G wheel loader

Hyster 20,000 lb Diesel forklift

(1 of 8) Genie electric scissor lifts

(Sample) P & H bridge crane