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Complete Manufacturing Plant for Refrigerators and Freezers

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Metal Cutting and Bending Paint Line & Support Equipment Door Foaming Systems Thermoforming Department Maintenance Shop Chemical Mix & Storage Tanks Cabinet Assembly & Shipping Product Tooling & Aluminum Dies Production Support Equipment Warehouse Shelving & Lift Trucks Quality Control Department



  • Esimec cabinet blanking machine, model Scantonatura Mantello, s/n 36001, (12) adjustable punch sets, 11 kw hydraulic unit, Corema Junior chiller package, pump set, control panel, (2002)
  • Esimec cabinet bending machine, model Formatura, s/n 36002, roll forming segment with (25) sets of rolls, (5) punch stations, cutoff segment, hydraulic pump set, Carrier chiller set, control panel, (2002)
  • QS Group Door roll bending machine, model Lis Dvere SURF, s/n 36/029, with frame mounted Rol-oil 5.5 hyd unit, (2007)
  • QS Group door bending machine, model PRO DVERE, s/n KOD347001, with (2) 15 kw hyd sets, Carrier chiller, double control stations, (1999)
  • Altof Hydraulic door press, model 100713, bed size: 1.25 m x 90 cm deep; 42cm clearance, Laser guard, hydraulic power unit


  • Henkel Surface Technology surface treatment tunnel (all stainless), total length: 47 meters, entry clearance: 2.4 m high x 1 m wide; (7) solvent tanks with (14) vertical pumps & (2) plate heat exchangers
  • Nordson paint line powder application 1,consists of pass through spray cabinet with Multiclone system, (2) Nordson Sure Coat central control units with (2) mobile gun control systems, internal dust collector, motor control panel, full enclosure
  • Nordson paint line powder application 2, consists of pass through spray cabinet with Multiclone system, (2) Nordson Sure Coat central control units with (3) mobile gun control systems, internal dust collector, motor control panel, full enclosure, and outer paint shaking platform 
  • Suseni drying oven, includes pre-drying chamber with pass through monrail conveyor, 8-panel motor control panel, ventilation unit near exit and full enclosure


  • Cannon door foaming station, with (2) 3-position mobile mold sets, Jomini boom, chemical feed tank set, FM mobel VR thrermoregulator, double hydraulic unit, control panel, (2000)
  • Perros 2-door foaming machine, 6-position, with chemical feed tank set, (2) Cormea Jr chiller, hyd power unit & GS Group control panel
  • Wolf paint repair system, includes 6.5m x 7m x 2.5m two compartment spray cabinet, type WLE-S-230/WRG air circulator, connecting dust collector, manual spray booth, and outer insulated enclosure, (2003)


  • Perros thermoforming machine, (for inner door liners), model TL-VF-15-08-03, s/n Q13, includes (2) vacuum pumps, hydraulic power unit, Corema Pack chiller unit, Thermoheat controller, control console, and plc motor control panel, (2001)
  • Perros thermoforming machine (for inner cabinet liners), model THL-VF-20-08-06 s/n 214, with (2) lateral liner cutters (installed 2012), (2) vacuum pumps, hydraulic power unit, Corema thermo controller, Euro chiller, control console, and plc motor control panel, (2001)


  • Dual hydraulic press, with hydraulic unit, shop built
  • Pneumatic press, model POZ-2
  • Bottini Gianni hydraulic press, model FOND 1126, s/n MA394-09-06, with built in hydraulic unit
  • HSM hydraulic baler, model 35/2100, s/n 6234P00077
  • TRENS lathe, model SN50C, s/n 8005015010020, 2.2m bed, 3 way chuck, tool holder, centerpoint & tooling on shelf
  • OSO milling machine, model FA3B, s/n 332000958, 1/3m bed with tooling in cabinet, (2002)


  • Pengs chemical storage tanks, 30 MC Volume, insulated exteriors with structural steel inspection tower
  • Prandin & Cavallieri premix system, model Serbatoro, with skid mounted pump sets, chemical mix tanks, (2) Cannon hyd units and control panels in back room, (2001)


  • Pre-assembly line 3, includes (1) 33.2m x 80cm wide conveyor, (2) rotary cabinet turners, (2) Tecno Maxima 50 hot melt applicators, (2) ESA Vematic 1000/3 vacuum leak detectors, (2) manual fastener tables
  • QS Group Cabinet foaming line, 6-position, with rail mounted foam injecting system, cabinet feed and take away rail mounted carriage, elevating cabinet lift to second level, upper level chemical mix station, Corema thermocontrol and Euro chillers, 6 door plc control operating panel, insulated sound proof enclosure
  • Techmer Bridge crane, 1.5 ton, 7.6m span with QS Group elevated support platform identified as cabinet forming plant 6 fixture
  • Vacuum & filling pump / line, 22-station rotary pump filling carriage, with oval shape conveyor, (2) Galileo Frigus N refrigeration charging units, (1) ESA vacuum leak detector, and associated infeed and discharge conveyor
  • MSK Covertech refrigerator bagging / wrapping system, includes inline power feed and discharge conveyor, overhead film-bag dispensing system, laser guards and safety enclosure, control console


  • Plastic injection molding dies, approximately (80) assorted used for small accessories associated with current product line refrigerators and freezers
  • Thermoformer assemblies, approximately (25)
  • Assorted plastic injection molds, (17) located in raw materials warehouse
  • Aluminum door panel dies, contents of (97) pallets and (2) bins (all surplus and not associated with current product lines


  • Perros door foaming machine, 6-position, with chemical feed tank, chiller, hyd power unit, spare door brackets
  • RTM Thermoforming machine (for inner cabinet liners), model In Line UBB, s/n RTM006-04, 206 x 98 x 50, disassemble, complete with all components, (2004)
  • QS Group/Peros thermoforming machine (for inner door liners), model UF-15-08-02, s/n 508-3253, disassembled complete, (2003)
  • Mobile transfer trucks, 1.8m wide, 80 cm deep, 1.2m height
  • Overhead monorail system, includes track, spare drive units, and mesh guards (for planned building 2 plant expansion connecting to paint sytem in Building 1)


  • Sections HD Shelving, (Located in two areas of the factory: first group consists of (6) 3.2m x 1.1m uprights (30) 1.5m cross beams with center bar (located in storage shed 2 in back yard). Second group includes (10) sections with (13) 3.2m high x 1.10 cm deep uprights, (40) 2.2m long load beams, and (20) center bar brackets (located near pre-assembly lines in Bldg 1)
  • Sections pallet racking, (7) 3.5m x 1.1m uprights (28) 2.7m cross beams (8) 1.8m cross beams (located in storage shed 1 & 2)
  • JUNGHEINRICH electric fork truck, model SH-4-0890, s/n U-17-L, 2000 KG capacity, 500mm lift, solid tire with HAWKER Powertech batery charger
  • BT electric fork truck, model CBE 5.0 AC, s/n 207669, 17kw motor, 4850 kg cap. 80V, 500mm lift, solid tire, dual front tires with Hawker Life-Plus HF battery charger, (2001)


  • ORMA laboratory incubator, model OTV130E, s/n 17501,2001, mobile stand mounted
  • MYTRI granite surface plate, model 9938, s/n ,2001, 1.2m L x 80 cm W x 15 cm H, stand mounted
  • ESA Ecotec Inficon vacuum leak detector, with (2) Inficon UC 200 & P2000 flow rate meter
  • Environmental cabinet, dual chamber (C & D) 7.75mL x 2.9m W x 2.7 mH with controls & refrigeration


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