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Complete Turnkey Waste to Energy (WTE) Micro Grid
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3667 Oates Highway
Lamar, SC 29069
Self-Contained .5 Megawatt Capacity Waste to Energy (WTE) Micro Grid

Sale Date: Please call Gary Katz: 860-840-2220

Inspection Date: By Appointment Only


Processes all Farm Waste including Manure, Vegetable, Corn Stover, and Grasses

Completely Self-Contained Automatic Feeds and Processing Single Operator Continuous Operation Expandable Direct Digester to Fuel Technology Addition of Gas Compressor Can Expand Operation to Gas Bottling Generate Enough Power to be Energy Independent for Life


  • Jenbacher J312 – GS .526 Mw 12 cylinder Type 3 flexible gas turbo-charged electric generator, Leanox®lean burn LoNox controls, all associated electrical switch gear and energy monitoring system
  • Horizontal Digester with heater coils and blowers
  • Modular storage silo
  • Skid mount exhaust heat exchanger with pumps and controls
  • MTA Evo 100 Kw Chiller
  • MTA Evo 100 Kw Chiller
  • Adams hopper feeders and conveyors
  • Amtec hay bale processor with feed conveyor and PLC controls







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Jenbacher Generator - Outside View


Storage Silo

Amtec Bale processor

Adams Hopper