Asset Disposition Services

  • On site auctions withLive internet
  • WebCast auctions
  • Sealed bid sales
  • Orderly Liquidations
  • Private Treaty Sales
  • "GOB" and Inventory
  • Reduction Sales

The reasons for selling industrial assets are varied, and your particular needs unique. We study the project, and, with you, develop a strategy to maximize your net return, while reaching your ultimate goal. Whether you are liquidating surplus equipment, or an entire facility, our "hands on" expert staff works as a cohesive team to exceed your expectations, with a seamless, unobtrusive, and complete liquidation plan. No loose ends.

From initial preparation, cataloging and marketing of assets, to final removal and facilities clean up, we concentrate on doing our job, so that you can get on with doing yours.

Whether you need to de-commission an entire plant, sell excess inventory and surplus equipment, turn over a “broom swept facility”, remove scrap and salvage, repossess equipment, or secure assets for liquidation, CRG will bring the most effective marketing and manpower to achieve the highest degree of capital return, at the lowest possible expense.

We customize our asset disposition services to meet the needs of your particular project. We will combine methods, apply proven marketing strategies, work with your staff, industry experts, we will direct strategic partnerships. Whatever it takes. Your needs, and exceeding your goals. That’s our number one priority. No egos, no nonsense, no excuses, just results.

Risk and Reward

  • Guaranteed net returns
  • Commission Sales
  • Outright Asset Purchases

We structure our auction proposals to meet your needs and requirements. Our flexibility allows you to determine your ability and comfort with assuming various degrees of risk.

We can assume all of the risk, with an outright purchase of your assets. We offer cash buyouts with immediate payments. What you may sacrifice in total aggregate return is balanced against having immediate capital to re-invest, or pay down existing debt, and the security of knowing the return on your assets up front.

We can help you manage the risk, with a commission sale. We advise you as to an expected aggregate total capital return. We work with you to formulate an expense budget, which you approve, and we will never exceed. We pay all expenses up front, to be reimbursed from the proceeds of the sale, and we only bill expenses at the rate that they are billed to us. You benefit by retaining the highest possible percentage of net proceeds.

We can share the risk, with a guaranteed minimum net return. Only when you have received the guaranteed amount, will we be reimbursed for our authorized auction expenses. We will share all proceeds in excess of the guaranteed amount with you at a pre-agreed rate. We back our guaranteed sales with the financial strength to provide you with substantial deposits in advance.

CRG will structure a plan that will give you what you need, when you need it, without questions. No broken promises, just results, Guaranteed.

Harnessing the Power

In 1999, CRG became the first Industrial Auctioneer to simulcast an auction sale live, in real time, over the Internet

 We understand Information Technology. The Internet and the World Wide Web are important tools in the toolbox of modern industry, but like all tools, they require knowledge, skill, and experience to be applied successfully.

Live internet bidding brings a global audience of prospective bidders to an on site auction, stimulating both competition, and the opportunity to reach end users, who traditionally pay more for machinery and equipment.

Our “Click and Bid” auction site is designed specifically to keep up with the dynamic, faced paced nature of our live auction sales, adding a whole new dimension to the industrial auction experience. With our “Real Time” auction catalog and audio, buyers from as far away as Singapore, China, and Sri Lanka have purchased machinery and equipment at our on site auctions.

Information Technology and The Internet are integral components of our auction marketing strategy. Using our vast database of industry specific customer lists, we target E-mail blasts through our secure list server directly to potential auction buyers, channeling valuable marketing resources directly towards the most fertile audience.

The bottom line…. We bring buyers to our sales !

The Key to Global Markets

Over 30% of the assets purchased at our auctions in 2004 went to overseas buyers

We understand global markets.

  • China , Korea, Japan
  • Greater Pacific Rim
  • India
  • Indonesia , Singapore, Indian Sub-Continent
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Mexico
  • Central and South America

We stay on the cutting edge of the manufacturing and industrial trends of each individual market, and target marketing resources specifically to the most likely pool of end users.

Knowing that the world is flat is one thing, navigating your way around requires vigilant effort and constant study of the changing industrial economies in the global marketplace.

Did you know that Turkey and Sri Lanka are among the world’s major producers of wire and cable? We did. That’s why when we were retained to conduct an auction of Major Wire, we concentrated our marketing to reach the largest manufacturers in the region, and earned the secured lenders an extra $1,000,000.00 over their expectations.